About Summer / Winter School 2022

Scholar Social is hosting Summer / Winter School 2022, an informal online conference covering a variety of topics, with presentations occurring between 2022-07-25 and 2022-08-06. Our goals are to:

  • provide scholars with a low-stakes venue for talking about our work and receiving feedback
  • provide all of the Fediverse knowledge and insight from people of multiple backgrounds, and
  • carry forward the ethics of Scholar Social regarding freedom of knowledge, accessibility and mutual support.

Information about previous years including conference programmes and recordings of presentations can be found at summerschool.scholar.social.

The volunteer organizing team for Summer / Winter School 2022 consists of the following members:

  • @Cyborgneticz@scholar.social
  • cynthia (@cxli@scholar.social)
  • Erick E. Arroyo-PĂ©rez (@eearroyo1312@scholar.social)
  • Julia Sugawara (@suyu@scholar.social)
  • Kat (@KatLH@scholar.social)
  • Marc Jones (@marcjones@scholar.social)
  • Rusty (@rusty@scholar.social)
  • The research fairy (@bgcarlisle@scholar.social)

The signup form for presenters is open from 2022-06-13 to 2022-07-01.

The signup form for moderators is open from 2022-07-04 to 2022-07-24.

The programme and signup form for participants is open starting 2022-07-04 and you can sign up for any presentation until the presentation ends; after the conference, the programme will remain visible for archival purposes.